Certain Bridge

Certain Bridge is a principal lender of bridging finance for business purposes only. We lend on Buy To Lets, semi-commercial, commercial and industrial properties throughout England and Wales. Certain Bridge also lends second charge on Main Residences.

Bridging Finance Loans from £25,500 to £500,000

We are a company who specialise in providing urgent short term secured bridging solutions specifically for business purposes. We are the lenders not a broker, we offer an immediate and personal committed service to business borrowers. We are set up to not only provide rapid decisions but also to provide speedy delivery of the required funds. Interest rates and repayment terms are competitive for the facilities and service. All bridging Loans are secured and are available for periods between three and twelve months.

Deal directly with a decision maker every time

Specialists in funding Time Critical Transactions

We specialise in making rapid decisions and drawdown on urgently required bridging loans for business purposes. As long as a business borrower has sufficient property equity, we can help. The agreed secured short term Bridge loan finance can be in a business borrower’s account within one to four days. We have completed same day transactions in exceptional circumstances.

100% Funding Available

Certain Bridge will advance up to 100% of business borrowers requirements providing that all combined Loan to Value lending is within our cautious risk ratios. Each application is quickly reviewed in detail.

No Up Front Fees

We are that confident in our ability to deliver funds to you quickly and on time, that we do not charge any up front fees. If at any stage of the process before completion you decide to cancel, you can do so without any charge from us.

Certain Bridge at a Glance:

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