Leading Customer Service

Certain Bridge has built up a reputation for its levels of service and prides itself on speed of fund draw down to the client

The Process

You will speak to a decision maker every time.

Within 10 minutes you will know if we can offer the funding or not. Our decision makers are available 6 days a week as well as outside normal office hours.

Outline of Terms normally within 30 minutes

Following a conversation with a decision maker, if the proposition meets our criteria, you will receive outline terms normally within 30 minutes.

Valuation & Legal Checks

Within a few hours of your acceptance, all Valuation and Legal checks will have been completed.

Representative Visit

Once all checks are completed, we will send a Representative out to visit you to collect all signed Loan and Land Registry documentation and AML ID etc.


Completion will take place once all paperwork is back in our offices.
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